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Unban me and ban Neox.


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My english is not really good but i try it.

Neox. is the worst admin ever, always kick, mute or ban a much players, and now ban me, i insult him, yes, because all times abuse of her admin power.

Pls unban me and remove him of admins. He verbally abused me.


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"He verbally abused me."


hey, sometimes, I usually give some true arguments to other people, but not this time.


First of all, I used to mute/kick/disable chat since a lot of dumb people were bugging the chat with stupid unicodes, I kept turning off the chat, then you were switching both servers with the nick "NSMDE_Neox.(#FuckLeL)", didn't care about this shame nickname, that you've noticed that this "NSMDE" means 'neox sucks my dick everyday'. You kept being stupid, however, you've started to spam the chat with "neox sucks, neox suck my dick, neox worst admin ever.." I actually don't give a fuck about that, but you've done this lot of times, and you've touched my balls too much. For the moment, you're banned for 12 hours though you got the luck that you're active and you're in this game thanks to me, so I'll just recommend one last thing, stop being a retard, next time will be worse, even you used to insult me on skype.


[17:43:21] Joel Gonzalez!!!: OJALA ET MORIS DE CANCER MALPARIT
[17:43:23] Joel Gonzalez!!!: ETS IDIOTA
"I hope you'll die by a cancer, motherfucker"
"You're idiot"
btw, you actually have an admin app, and you said that you insult me because I abuse, great, then tell me when I've abused, when you keep spamming messages on Skype to set your maps and I don't set them? That's a nice way to show other admins about your awesome personality, well done! I also forgot, that you keep telling me that warp is dumb since he doesn't upload your maps or because he noticed that your files in the map are messed up.
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Si te lo leyeras por lo menos sabrías a lo que me refiero, sólo has leído los insultos, olvídate de que vas a ser admin actuando de esta manera, no te voy a insultar y no te he insultado, no lo malinterpretes.


If you at least got the thought to read it, you'll know what I am referring to, you've just seen the insults, don't ever think that you're going to become admin to acting by this way, I ain't gonna insult you and I haven't insulted you, don't misunderstand me.

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