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Endurance Event - 2nd Edition

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Hi there , now , i'm here to managing my own event called Endurance Event . Last time was a little success for that event . This time , i target all good communauties to join it so hope more players this time.
For those who don't know what is that event , it's an event with a very long map about 1 hour racing (classic or mapped a little ) with every kind of vehicles and on every zones (city,air,sea,offroad) . There will be no repair and no nitro ; just pure racing . And also if you die , you will have a penalty of 30 seconds , so be careful to not burn your vehicle xD . 
The rules are simple :
-Finish first the map to be the winner .
PS : When 1st has finished , you have 30 minutes to finish the map completlely . So don't worry , if you're not noob , you can finish it anyway ;) .
-Don't flame or provoke anyone.
-Cheats/mods are forbidden .
-Don't leave or rage quit during your run . Restart for Timeout or for any personal reasons after more 30 seconds won't be tolered .
-Play fair and respect all players and admins.
Breaking any of these rules will result in a disqualification or ban.
All players will play on same world so everyone can have his chance to win or do their best run .
The Event will start the Sunday 10th May 2015 at 20:20 GMT +2 (if i'm not wrong) , come at 20:00 GMT +2 for being at right time to SiK private server at when password will be reseted .
So , if you are interested and wanna join this event , sign up here
http://www.fullysik.net/index.php?topic=1839.msg31874#msg31874 andpaste it to every interested challengers . If you're lazy to sign up and wanna play it , you're welcome .




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