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Ban [KUT]Req and [KUT]Sp3c94

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1. Name of the players: [KUT]Req, [KUT]Sp3c94
2. Name of the server: Mr.Green Mix
3. Reason why he/she should be banned: Both these players are camping excessively everyday and some admins refuse to even give a shit, Well, By Cena to be more accurate, He refused my previous report on Req he said this and I Quote:

"If I saw some1 camping i will kill him directly :P i dont wait for some1 to tell me"


Well then, What is the /report command for anyway? consider removing that since admins don't encourage players reporting campers and blockers. But anyways, This isn't about Cena, This is about [KUT] campers. I've decided to record these players as it'll augment the chances of getting them banned for good. This video is merely a fragment of their camping. [KUT]Req is found camping in almost every single DD, SH round. When asked to stop camping he insults me back so as a player I can't do much but report here. I hope admins do something about these guys and be more active on the server because these campers are getting out of hand. There are more campers like [KUT]Req which I will report very soon.
Thank you for taking your time to notice this report. Good day!  


ps: many apologies for the glitch in the video, I'm fairly new to Sony Vegas and It had a bit of rendering error which I couldn't manage to fix. :X


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I'm pretty sure he doesn't camp while i'm on because i do spec them and never saw them camping, and ask anyone, I do kill any camper I see and I do warn players million of times. Req is little smarter and he do camp while no admin is on. /report isn't good enough, I can see only words from it so i don't know if they guy reporting telling me the truth or not. Anyway I'm going to ban him.

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