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Unban [KUT]Sp3c94 again ^^


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6.Yes I blocked but blocked nts when was players finished his/her positions like etc:1,2,3,4,5,6 and etc... So i want unban cause i didn't block 1 player in day like 10 times or lower :D Just when you drift to hard and etc you can block the road with harvester,dumper and etc.

7.- serial BF6A5492F37489E203B6562110978053

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0ZGZBe3.jpgYou did say it by yourself. Block is considered block till the map's time is over. Also he reported you so that means he wanted to continue.

what to continue? o.O I don't know about this.


Continue the race. Gonna lock this if you didn't proof that i'm wrong.

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