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Crash killer app. (MTA mix)

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Gameserver: MTA mix
Country of origin: Turkey
Link to Steam Community profile: veledrome
Time I spend on server: I can be online whenever I want. (GMT +3)
Languages I can speak: Turkish and English
 (This is my second attempt of request but only as a killer now, not an admin.)
       Hi my name is Ege. I am Turkish, living in Turkey and studying university and working as a paramedic. My nickname is Crash, I have been playing on Mr. Green's MTA server for more than 4 years ( I had one more account but I lost it ). I am enjoying it very much and know most of the people. By the start of the mix server, I started playing there more because it is fun.
       Why do I think I am fit to be a killer? Because I spent so much time on your server and I almost know everything and rules and how things go. I want to kill the blockers and people who go against the rules. Also I used to be an admin on a Call of Duty 4 server (one of the top 100 on xfire) so I have experience about being an admin and how to act against people and how to act against broken rules.
      For my behaviour and raging sometimes, I am doing most of them on purpose and can still stop whenever I want so I do believe that it won't be quite a problem.

      I really enjoy playing here, spending time on the server and I want to be a part of it now. Thanks for reading  :)

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