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[Mix] Sky Moderator App.


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I made an app before that got declined, all my info is there. 


The thing is, I've been playing in the server with timed players and campers a shitload of weeks with ABSOLUTELY NOONE  able to kick them at the time. I'd like to have the ability to kick players that are abusing the rules, are timed, are camping or any other bad case. Jack told me to make an app on this one, I've been playing in the server for over a year now.. The more active staff you have, the more the server will stay clean and the players won't have to suffer all that shit.. Just now there are 2 timed players in the server with noone to kick them. I'm telling you, there's almost always NO STAFF AT ALL to kick them when I'm, on. So please consider adding more staff to the server, for example me, because, as I said, there is no staff most of the times when I'm on, so I can help out.





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First one got declined? Sheez nig you deserve a admin pos. gl anyways. :3

ty curreh :3

Good luck Sky :)

Thanks baba :D

Sky .... an moderator.... its the end of the world!

ah fuck it, YOLO, good luck sky


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oi m8 u dsrve mod lul gud fap


- FapJap

o neg dot prof pic is six m8 ty d0 fap




oi m8 u dsrve mod lul gud fap


- FapJap

the fuck did i just read?


Hey Mate you deserve mod lol good luck


Do you even mlg?


But...Thats not how you.. NO!



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