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Blocker :Dan ban req.

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1, 2 and 3 pics are fake proof... i wasn't blocking anybody, i was racing, look at possitions.

4 and 5 are legit because i was only ramming you, and you know what.... you deserved it chickenbutt.

I understand you're butthurt , but you did the same to me and tried to troll me for it, not so funny when it happens to you huh?  :))))))))))))))))))))))))

 And the last 2 pic? lol i wasn't blocking anybody, just rammed your ass 1 race to get revenge for blocking me:))))))))))))))))))

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Not the best time to be hypocrite now is it? Dan you were whining about people taking revenge on you by block or /k. But now you say it is okay to take a revenge on one person? lol.

You didn't have proof. That's why nothing happened to them. But here is a proof, also you confessed it yourself.

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if admins choose to punish me over this (i dont usually get reported lol) then thats that ... but seeing him so butthurt as to make a report , after his attempts to make me rage, its more than worth it! : ))))
@crash I only reported about /k , and it wasn't for block, it was for something else, review your facts.

Also if you dont have any pics or videos as proof, please stop posting, i know he's your friend but...srsly

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