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Can somebody explain me how to get 24 points when killing somebody?

The max. i get for killing people is 4 points.

Everybody that kills me gets 24 or 25 points.

I have 14000 points.

I do understand that if a guy with 1000 points kills me he receives more than when i kill him.

But even players with high/higher scores get 24 points for killing me.

I'm a bit confused and frustrated tough when i lose 600 points in 1 hour and only gain 2points for every kill :)


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25 is max.

You are WAY higher then him. Making the system think you are "Skilled", and that guy a "Noob". That's why he will get that much points. It doesn't matter, even when you are 8000, he will get 25.

And you are a harder target. So what? If he plays more on the server, his rank will rise.

It's more about the gameplay then the points, tbh.

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Also the brainless killing after the round ends causes you to loose points. And those kills have nothing to do with skill ... just one armed guy vs an unarmed guy ... I rather kill myself before the end of the round then to waste points ...

Can it not be disabled?

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I'm 1 on the server. So I get 2 points when I kill someone, and I lose 25 when I get killed by someone.

How higher the ranking of the guy you killed, how more points you get.

But I disabled the chat messages of HLStatsX in my chat in TF2, because I couldn't care less.

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The only awesome thing in HLXstats is to see how many hadouken, huntsman taunt and airblast-reflect kills i have.

I have 10 hadoukens :awesome:

But the point thingy.. i dont care about those.

Special kills count FTW

I think someone haxed my huntsman taunt kills. .. its 8 now. i had 12 O__o

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