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A new mode suggestion

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Hi everyone its Crash. I suggested this mode months ago but it got declined so I am gonna suggest it again and see what you think now.


I am thinking of a mod, similar to SH, but slightly different and I am sure it would be fun.


The mode is similar to SH. Actually almost the same but the rules are changed. (You still play it with rockets and jumping etc.)


1) Instead of waiting when you die, you respawn.


2) There will be a time for a map, lets say 4 minutes, and by the end of that 4 minutes, the person with the most kills wins and the other two with the most kills gets the 2nd and 3rd place, and they get GC for that.


3) Spawn camping won't be possible because after respawning you will get at least 5 seconds of ghostmode.


4) AFKs are already AFK so there won't be any camping for that.


5) The point is to get the most kills in the time.


This is basically it. Normal SH maps can be used for this. I did not think of a name but it is up to you. You guys (admins and SDK) will probably say "We have enough game modes for now." but in my opinion, since the manhunt is removed I think one more mode will be fun for the server and it will go out of it's boring routine.


If anyone who reads this thinks this is a fun and good idea please comment!

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I've just tested it ingame. I think getting GCs for the Lvl you are will be much better. For example Lvl 10 players get 20GCs (as it is) and Lvl 1 players gets 1GCs. I see it way more better for players and better than getting nothing since no 1GCs for 1 kill.

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