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Req Admin Application


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Gameserver: Race Mix MTA
Age: 17
Country of origin: Poland
Link to Steam Community profile *:I do not remember
Minecraft name **: I don't play minecraft

Little something about your self and why you think you're fit to be admin:Whats up everyone I know much about servers because I had my own and I was moderator for a colleague server so I know what and how to do practically everything I know. I have the time because I do not have anything to do at home xD . Thank you from 've read my post :D

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I think you are not good candidate for this position. You play 3 month (?) on the server and your english is not good. When you began play, your behaviour was bad. Now is not bad but not good too. However, it's admins' decision, they'll decide. It is just my opinion.


I'm surprised that you are 17 years old. I thought you have less.



Peace o/

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Have to agree with Matiasz, here. From what I've seen you act really immature while playing, Flaming on other players just cause you lose and finally, Your English is pretty terrible to be in a Admin position. Still, Good luck.




you have evidence that everything I have written about EMC ? Yeah I do not think

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