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Hey guys

i want to talk about carfade,...
i know we have carfade on race server but it's still annoying as hell.
Whenever we start a race, i can't see shit and i crash. Especially with hydra races :o

So please my demand is to enable carfade fully or make the opacity much lower when we're in gm so we can see anything.


Thanks, Knul.

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Guest AleksCore

I agree. When I fly on hydra - I simply can't see shit, because of players around me. Carfade distance/opacity should be increased/changed. At least for Hydra's

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The best thing would be, at least, be able to hide other players while ghostmode is on. Ghostmode will be disabled when nobody's around you, as it is now, you won't be able to see it since other players will be hidden and then ghostmode turns off and you see others again (and of course, with 3 dimensions as now, AFK-ers, 1st players dim and 2nd players dim). The bind to do that could be key 'O' to those who don't want to hide others..

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