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New toptime system :S

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Hey girls, boys, woman, men, daddys, mommys, grannys, nannys, stepfathers, stepmothers,......

I want to talk about this Niu toptime system...
I know it's good for new players and blablabla, but i feel like it isn't fun like that.. It isn't a challenge anymore to beat all these memorable toptimes. I feel like it's now like, MEH let's just race and easily top shit.

+ maybe much people will leave for that niu system..

AND I KNOW that we can do /showtimes, but it isn't just like the old days... It would be better if we pressed f5 we would see maybe new layout of toptimes but still keep old toptimes?

So just i want to say that the server isn't more challenging for some players including me.

Maybe u think i find that niu toptime system awesome because i don't top much, but tbh, i don't like to always top now with some newbies on the server.


Yeah just wanted to share that w/ u guys, i still love this server tho but i don't like that new system, BUT THE OTHER FEATURES ARE AWESOMEMMEMEMEMEMEME!!! just the niu tt's are shit.. :)

THANKS FOR UR ATTENTION! much luv from knul <3

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Some old tops where done with hacks and mods, so now these new version should be 100% legit.

The time to update and change has come but I have to admit that when I race in the server and I finished first I would always compare my time with the tops and said to myself, baaaaaaaaah I'm still a noob. hahaha

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Don't worry. Withing some months  the system will settle and new unbeatable tops will be placed.


And yes Crash is right. Some months and new tops will be placed xD Its just nice :D


Yeah within* that was actually a typo :P


Yep, ik happens with me sometimes xD

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I like that SDK does all this stuff for our server, but yoh. Don't u know some tops are maybe 6 years old? These are very memorable tops and i think that is taking away a part of the Left4Green heart. 3/4 of our l4gheart is took away with that update, and maybe that niu tt system will cause 2/4 of our good old L4G heart. It will maybe cause much retirements of some good players, we already lost SandySweet cause of that. . .. . . I don't hate u SDK but bro, maybe you'll regret it. These tops were challenges, fun, unbeatable, legendary.... And that /showtimes is just wack i mean that is like stealing everything out a house and leave a closet in the house for the houseowner to show some ''love'' know what i'm sayin'.... I'm not gonna leave this server for that niu tt system but it isn't quite fun, i mean what is the point of the new tt system? New tops, it doesn't change shit but legendary tops that we adored.

And yes i say l4g heart i didn't know another word that fits.

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Tops will get hatder to improve in time. Common sense.

People with alot of old tops are dissapointed, but alot of them do not even play here anymore, plus this was in a time where the server didnt even check for vehicle collision models.


With the new nitro and higher fps, alot of tops would get replaced anyway, and people would still complain about it.

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