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Hello everyone!


As you all know map price is 1k gcs but if you win a map you can buy map for 350 gcs.

Last night i was on mix server, and i won a map. Thanks to the low price, I have bought a shooter map. I have won another map and directly opened f6 menu, and bought another map. When i have bought 2nd map, i didnt look at the gc counter. In the following map I have noticed that I spent 1k gcs instead of 350 gcs.


Could you inform me what was wrong with the server?


Btw my ingame name is Green

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You have won the SH map you bought? If yes, then it looks like winning maps you have bought map price will stay 1000GCs. (I'm not sure about it).

No that was not the map i have bought but i have already forgot the GCs i have lost  :D (I hope any other player does not face with a problem like this)

Thanks all!

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