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Hey man it's Knul, i'm in my evil persona, like my slim shady.
let me be very immature for a second, i don't care that i made this,  i play here almost 5 years and never got banned or got a warning, follow my footsteps and be a legend.

Now what i want to say is: FTW




again, sorry for the misbehaviour, just free my n*gga man, free my nigga!










sorry don't be mad

btw i'm hot

i don't even know if he's still banned

i like him, he bought maps for me 1 year ago


this is a BIG fail if he's already unbanned

I don't really play on this server anymore, but i will be there on 16 Sept to own y'all

Peace! <3

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Agree with that Cena, but he did it many times (without couting the video unban appeal) and he didn't get unbanned.


SDK is who will decide that (he's more close to.. a no) but I would like to see him on servers really, I don't know how many chances he has been given before he got banned (maybe he got banned for insulting?) but come on, give him once last chance, if something goes wrong with him, then it will be a 



anyway, as I said SDK decides that since he's banned him and he knows what he did

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