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Stroth's Paintjob on Sultan Map Editor/Server. Who remove it?

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I have a problem.


When I played map "Storth Power", saved me his paintjob on Sultan.


When I went in map editor to create new map, I saw that.


Paintjob sometimes show me on server to.


Who remove it?


VIDEO BELOW                                                                      Alenator

         | |

         | |

         | |






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Yesterday (after playing my new map) you asked me how to create a map with custom paintjob for all players. So it's possible that you tried to create something in a wrong way.

Upload your sultan.txd and we will see.

This is something I've noticed yesterday too. I was playing a non stroth map but all sultans had your skin. Lmao.

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Hello guys!


Now I went to Map Editor and that (Stroth's Veeeeery Strong Magic) Stroth's Paintjob was removed from Sultan.

Obviously it appears when you play map "Stroth Power".

I do not know why that happened. I think It is a little bug.

But does not matter. Matter is that will remove pj, when you reset or turn off MTA for some time.








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