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My first map


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Hello everyone


So I decided to make a map, spend hours and hours in the map editor.

As I didn't know how to make a map I have to thank Stroth for helping me out a lot by explaining everything in detail.



I came up with 3 versions,


The first version was way too complicated as we tested it out in the MrGreen race server. (In video below you can see how it was)







Version two was still too complicated for everyone to finish.








So today I came with version 3 with a couple ideas of Stroth, this version should be easier and much less confusing and should not contain any bugs. 







I would appreciate any feedback, positive and negative.


Thanks in advance.



PS. In version 3 which got accepted into the server, the music got changed though. I played the map 100 times over and over at the end I was tired of the song.

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Thankyou so much ViiNi, Stroth told me I spend a bit too much time in the map editor and compared me with Picasso who didn't even put that much time in his paintings haha.


Thanks for the tips, I will read them all right now.



The last link is PERFECT, thankyou so much! Will make mapping much less time consuming.

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