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Okay, this needs an explanation

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Do you know guys that when you search the server on 'Internet' in gmod it doesn't appear at all. But the first time I joined was exactly from there. Why it doesn't appear here anymore? Maybe this is the reason no one joins recently?


Please fix this, the server is dead now! Hey Pufulet, nice updates, really, but there's nobody playing. I'm not sure that you are the hoster, but if you are, maybe you can first fix the server to be displayable to everybody searching in the 'Zombie Survival' gamemode, then carry about the updates.


Also everybody reading this, do you like this version of the server? Yes or no? Why?


I say yes, because its way better in terms of everything - gameplay, visuals and sounds (zombies, ambient), have good choice of classes, the gameplay (which is different from every server) is really good and have colormod, and is always updated (this means the developers carry about the server, not leaving it and let you be drown in bugs)!


Your opinion?

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