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TR|Metin said: About 10 days ago f1madkiller banned me for 3 days.After i banned , i tired to get into the game for 2 day , i thought i could have a chance.At the end of the 2nd day i managed to get into game.After 1 hour f1madkiller logged in and told me i avoided ban.But i didnt avoid ban.He banned me 14 days for avoiding ban.I didnt do anything to avoid ban just tried to log in.This ban is an unnecasary ban and i'd like you to unban my account because as you can see i didnt do anything to have ban.Please do what you can do about this sitiuation.










Racist ADMİN!!!!!!!!

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The admin panel said you had 12hrs left on ban you came on avoiding it, I am not racist as you put it, I let you guys play and normally talk to others it's when you guys spam and break rule's I ban you as I asked you guys 100s of time's not to spam the chat you got a few days of ban left I suggest when you come back that you don't spam

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