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Danni for admin


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It's basicly the same application as the first one. I dont' feel like adding anything, only editing a few things.

First one is.. what? 2,5 month old, so I'll try again.

The server I am applying for is the Zombie Survival server.

I am 17 years old.

My country of origin is Denmark, yes the country just above Germany.

So why should you choose me for this job, I think I will tell you that best if I wrtite soemthing about my self and my experience in this "online world"

I started playing css back in 06 where I played on a German server, surf/rpg/dm all the usual thing.. It was closed, so I took a long break. In 07 before I turned 15, I spotted a css surf community called Optical gaming where I quickly became admin on their surf server, and did a good job, it was nearly full all the time, though I closed back in jan 08 because the admins didn't pay attention and the forum fucked..

We were some guys who started up a new community called OneUpGamin, which I played a key role in, I bought us some hosting for our website and got us a server (sponsered though), due to lag of certain things, and that we all were busy at that time, we handed it over to one of the users who later failed to run it, now it's closed.

So in june 2008 I startet playing Ikariam, an online based game, developed by www.gameforge.de I joined the forum and stayed active, untill the admin contacted me and said "apply for the mod, I could really use you" so I applied and got the job, I later became mod on another forum and super mod also on a forum developed by www.gameforge.de, but well, lost interest just the same usual thing to do, checking post and so on, gets boring really quickly, not like the job as admin on a server.

Note: I made 90% of the zombie survial page on the wiki :V

Let's hope for a better outcome this time.

Thank you


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Just so you know, gameforge don't take anyone under the age of 18 on there team, they ask for a full proof of identity too. I know this because I applied to be a mod on a gameforge forum called oGame.

The age the forum I was un my 16. They needed to be 18 in order to see the IP adresses.

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