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Unfair serial ban


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1. |unskilled|
2. 16/07/2016
3. Mr Green both servers
4. Jack123
5. He didn't write the reason, but I think is just an abuse of admin power, I only wrote 3 or 4 PMs where I told him to shut up and play and leave me alone, just tell him to take some screenshots, I hadn't time to do that. After that he muted me for 2 days and because I was angry I changed my nickname into FuckYourMomJack, then he banned me on my serial. I think that is just too much.
6. I like to play on Mr Green server because I have fun, but I don't like to be insulted or provoked especially by admins without reason. Just ignore me and all will be fine. I'm sorry if I offend him in some way, but I think serial ban is too much for what I did. I'm waiting for your answer.

8. IP adress: - MTA serial:  B9B0AA715B70FD29A7B63AB382C5C7F3

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