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Gamemode Suggestion - The Final Resistance

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This came to me whilst I was playing on my server with Sneed and Blobby, Sneed made a base and it made me think...

Brief Gamemode Intro:

For generations mr green's humans have been attacked by zombies, they have fled from map

to map in a desperate attempt to escape. However the zombies have now arrived at the final

resistance, the humans last base. However this won't be just a usual attack for the zombies

as the humans have fortified the map themselves!

How it works:

The concept is very similiar to Green Zombie Apocolypse, however I thought of a split twist

to the game.


Humans are able to build base's. They are given a basic sallery. $200, which they can spend on

basic level 1 weapons, handguns/melee stuff. OR they can choose to put that money towards

building some defences. Every minute that they survive each human will recieve $50, which

they can save or use for better forts or weapons. It's completely up to them. Human's also

recieve level 1,2,3,4,5 unlockables for more kills. Unlockables include better weapons/defences,

but obviously they still cost money.


Zombies start off with 15% of the players infected, so most likely, 1-3. They start off as a basic

zombie, however the zombie system is very different here. There are no other classes, HOWEVER there

are zombie upgrades. Speed, Strength, Camo, new abilities, etc. Basically, the zombie gains money

from destroying parts of the humans constructed base or by killing a human. Once the human is killed

he is converted and gains the average amount of money the zombies have per zombie, so that he can

balance in straight away. (Redemption could be added but I haven't thought of a new interesting way

to include it yet)

So what about these base's:

The map will be fairly wide and open, and obviously isn't limited to one map, it can be made for lots

of maps. Humans can make base's out of different props, they recieve a hammer, (unlimited nails -

these don't strengthen in any way, just purely for connecting purposes), like doors/metal sheets/wood/

etc. Each prop will have a certain amount of damage that can be taken and depending on it's cost

will be more effective.


Zombies gain the money that humans spend on base defences once they destroy it. They can use that for

upgrades and it teaches humans to place defences wisely. Getting the balance for this though is the key

to the game mode being succesful.

What happens when the game begins:

Humans spawn, they have 1 minute 30 seconds to construct a base defence and maybe purchase a level 1

weapon. Within this time, zombies are in free-roam mode, they can see what the humans are doing and

how to exploit this. This is there only advantage, once the 1.30 is up, the zombies are let loose and

"The Final Resistance" begins!


Traditional 20 minutes!

But won't human's just buy weapons:

The zombies will be too powerful unless they buy some time by getting some kind of defence!

So what's the human version, I like the sound of that better:

Obviously human vs human. teams are split evenly straight down the middle.

The teams are designated a side of the map each, they aren't allowed to cross

the middle line for 2 minutes, each team builds there base, 200$ as usual each. They only have fists

to start off with. Each team has to build there face around a core, just a glowing object really.

Every minute passing, humans get 50$. Each kill of another opposing team member steals all of there


1 minute in and melee weapons are dropped. As usual, 50$ goes to each person. If you are killed you

lose your current weapons and respawn with a fists and 50$ after waiting for 15 seconds.

5, 10 & 15, minutes in, health powerups are dropped randomly.

10 kills = level 2 weapons unlocked for purchase.

20 kills = level 3 weapons unlocked for purchase.

30 kills = level 4 weapons unlocked for purchase.

40 kills = level 5 weapons unlocked for purchase.

50 kills = level 6 weapons unlocked for purchase.

60 kills = level 7 weapons unlocked for purchase.

70 kills = level 8 weapons unlocked for purchase.

The game ends when someone's core is destroyed!

Any other questions I'm willing to answer, obviously this is just a suggestion I thought would be cool :D

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