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Unfair ban out of KoM and possible admin abuse/personal conflict


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  Hello folks.
     So like an hour ago I was minding my own business in mix server, talking with my friends and having some laughs and then out of nowhere I get the messages I put as the screenshots.
      "Accident" randomly threatened me, swore at me and he did not even give me a legit reason. He wanted me to "stop talking like that" as you can see in the screenshot. I didn't understand at first then it hit me as we kept talking. I was talking with my friend "Nibje" and I was making jokes to her. As we are "good friends" with her (or used to be, I guess) I said stuff that I knew she wouldn't actually be offended with. But then randomly "Accident" tells me these stuff and I am guessing it is about that because I wasn't really talking to anyone besides "Nibje".
    So here are my guesses: 
      First, "Accident" did not even tell me what I was doing, which means he either knows he isn't right and he is just looking for any reason to kick me out or someone tells him what to say.
      Second, I am guessing this person who tells him to "Threaten Crash and kick him out of Kom"  is probably "Cena". I was talking with "Nibje" and this doesn't involve anyone. If she is offended she can say it for herself. But I am guessing "Cena" didn't like the way I was talking to her because they are "special friends".

    What do I want? I don't want to get back at Kom. All I want is for "Accident" or "Cena" or if she knows anything about this "Nibje" to come clear about this issue.

    IF I AM WRONG (!) I apologize to "Cena" or "Nibje" for claiming something like this. BUT I still expect an answer from "Accident"

ps: Don't get mad or start swearing over this topic if someone rages. I want a serious answer for this, thanks.

@Accident  @Cena @Nibje

Sincerely, Crash, ex-KoM





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I only didn't like the way you are talking with Nibje but I kept quiet and didn't say a word about it. Accident PMed me and asked (Sorry, no screenshots, but I hope you believe me) "I feel that Crash is being disrespectful, you?" I told him "What do you mean?" "Can you tell me?" he said "shit about wanting to marry Nibje" I said "and why you ask me that?" and then he said "cause I'm wondering if im overreacting, but I think crash is embarrassing my teams in the chat" and then he said "I dont like trash talking like that and you are in the edge to get kicked" and I said "its up to u." That was the conversation about me and Accident mainly. I didn't ask him or said anything to kick you. It was all Accident choices.

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I didn't take a screenshot because I never thought I would be involved into this. I asked him "What do you mean?" because I had no idea what he is talking about just the same as you when you were trying to understand what way and Accident didn't say (from the screenshots you posted). Just wait for Accident to reply since he is involved also.

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2 minutes ago, Accident said:

You broke the rules, claimed ignorance, became obstinate, insulted me - that gets you kicked. If you had owned up you'd still be in the team. The end.

Are you kidding me man? I insulted you? You can see the screenshots, I never insulted you. Claimed ignorance? I didn't claim I knew nothing. I just wanted you to be clear with your statement and tell me like a man, which you didn't. 

 The way I communicate with other people, does NOT involve you. I have been talking to everyone this way for 5 years I was in mr.green servers and I never had a problem until this bull***t. Yes kick me out of KoM if you want, I don't care really. But the way you acted was too sketchy and childish. You could calmly ask me to stop and tell me what I was doing but you had to swear and threaten because apparently that's what you are good at.

Enjoy your petty leadership.

Admins: You can lock this threat, I heard enough.

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