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IW errors

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On Infected Wars some of the guns i cant see and all i see is "ERROR" and one of the people playing it told me to download the gun pack from http://www.mr-green.nl/clavus/infectedwars_public_1.11.zip where do i extract it from there? i tried steam/steamapps/<yourusername>/garrysmod/garrysmod (with my username) and when i tried it there was a pop up that said " WinRAR: Diagnostic messages cannot create steam folder steam/steamapps/<yourusername>/garrysmod/garrysmod".

where else can i extract it to?

OOPS sorry i double clicked post can an admin remove this one?

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Tangerine, the problem that youre having is that WinRAR is trying to access files in "Program Files" which needs permission to do anything with, which you cant do within WinRAR, so just create a file on your desktop extract the files there, and then when thats done, copy the folder into your garrysmod folder

Hope that works :)

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