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Fixing Errors in IW

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Weapon Errors:

If you are new to Infected Wars, or just haven't fixed the problem yet, you will usually see errors instead of weapons. To fix this problem you must download the latest version if Infected Wars. Here is the link: http://www.mr-green.nl/clavus/infectedwars_public_1.11.zip

Download that and extract to program files/steam/steamapps/<username>/garrysmod/garrysmod

If that doesn't work, create a file on your desktop extract the files there, and then when that's done, copy the folder into your garrysmod folder.

Joining Errors:

A lot of times, when people join IW they do not get the Menu that allows you to spawn or choose class.

1. Try typing iw_menu in your console.

2. Make sure dont have any downloaded content that will mess with the camera or HUD.

The Mr Green servers run scriptenforce, which disables any clientside things you could be running to prevent cheating. If you have a custom hud, the text in the chatbox will appear pink and the gamemode will not work.

3. Try re-installeing Infected Wars. It can be found at Clavus Studios.

4. Go through your addons folder and pick out anything that even has a chance of messing with the gamemode. Then do the same with the LUA folder.

If this does not help, and you are desparate to play, Re-install GMod.

I hope this helps :)

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