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[ZPV] Bob the Salesman Admin Application for Zombie Panic

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Hey guys, here is my admin application for the Zombie Panic! Source Mr. Green server. I'll explain some more after the formalities.

Gameserver: Mr. Green. Left 4 Green, Zombie Panic! Source

Age: 20

Country of origin: The Netherlands

Little something about your self and why you think you're fit to be admin: Ok, lets start :P. I know that you should leave your clean to become an admin, but I am hoping I can convince you that this is not necessary. I am, together with Tom the Truckdriver, a founder of ZPV (stands for Zombie Panic Veterans).

Although clanplay isn't possible in ZP!S, we still wanted to form a group to gather some good people up in one server. As you can see here in the ranking list ZPV has claimed some dominant positions. Every member likes the Mr. Green server a lot, and we appreciate the work being put into it.

Therefor, I hope I can contribute to this a bit. After quite some years of experience I know the ins and outs of the game, and I hope I can make use of this experience by helping out on the Mr.Green server. So far I've never seen an admin, and to be honest, it hasn't been that necessary for quite a while. Lately, however, I've seen some speedhacking going on. Having an admin around could safeguard the server from getting empty when this happens.

If you want to know some more: feel free to ask. We have our own website, and don't be misguided by the fact that its a wordpress one. We've written strategy guides for survivors and zombies. And we also give info on weapons and maps. Last but not least, we try to throw some videos into the air. All of this you can find here.

Now I'm getting the hell out of here before the zomb....AARGH :)

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I'm not playing Zombie Panic : Source soo much, but i know you.

And you helped me if i asked you something and you're a good player.

And you dont get angry or something like that.

I have not the right to say: Yes, i want you as an admin.

But thats all what i want to say about you and it's all positive!

Go for it!

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