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I thought it would be great to make a little game in this forum! :)

It goes like the following:

You have to make it like this:


(You have to say 3 things:)

- What is this sound?

- What Source game is it?

- When does it happen?

(And how hard it is, don't lie)

- Easy

- Had to think a while

- Hard

- Brain Wrecking

(When you choose to have a "Brain Wrecking" sound, you won't be able to choose when you win, for one time).

What is this sound? Proof that you are a hardcore Source game fan!

- Easy

EDIT: Mp3 doesn't work with uploaded files...

EDIT2: And the sounds go rather fast D:

EDIT3. Save as, then listen to it. Bit stupid, but it works.

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