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World Conflict

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Lets forget about the zs and all shooter stuff!

The name of game mode: World Conflict Strategy (not actual name)

General idea:

You spawn as a spectator and choose a team in which you want to be Team Combine or Team Rebel (the ammount of players in each team has to be ballanced). The game isnt from 1st person, you will see your team from sky and you have 10 units. The game will look like "bash" game mode (a game mode where you play as 1 guy, you dont see your weapons, you see your self from sky and have to kill the zombies (the zombies are players too)). Your target: kill every rebel/combine.


The round will end when every enemy unit will be destroyed. Every time when you spawn as spectator you can choose some units in menu, which you have to choose 10 units you want and then you start the game. They can be like 2 pulse rifes, 3 rocket launchers and 5 smg (all of those weapons are rebels that care those weapons). For combines the idea will be the same but the naming will be different: combine smg, combine shotgun, combine pulse rifle, combine elite. You wont be able to make 10 rocket launchers or 10 elites. they will have their own max number

Other ideas:

- you can choose different units and move them in wrong directions, but to choose them you have to press and hold c and only then you see your cursor and you can choose the units.

- you can float in the whole map during the round as spectator.

Atmosphere idication will come any time :P

Durr, this was wroten with mistakes. Edited (computer fail)

Edited by Mr.Darkness
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