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marked as a blocker.


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today i'v been playing this morning on mr green gaming and I get marked as a  blocker for 24h by flipper after " STR8KASH" sent him a video of me ramming into people .

first of all I wasn't blocking, i was ramming  = ramming is allowed

second , he doesn't have the right to do that unless he sees me blocking , not watching a video by  a random guy that is hating on me 

STR8KASH sometimes do block me aswell , why you don't mark him as a blocker , huh?! oh he is your friend i got it.

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ok , you probably see this video is posted on 02.01.2017 wich means nearly 1 week old( and it was at the end of the race) , and i don't have recording programs or something like that to make video of him blocking me , cause i'm not ready for this kinda of bullshits , simply i'm not a kid like him , make the decisions by yourself , don't listen to what others say to you . 

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