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The Best of MIX

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Hey guyz o/ Merry Christmass

I will try to post here, the names of all mapmakers of mix server, and the name of your best map (in the opinion of the players in mix)

With the help of all I will try to remember the names of all the mapmakers and your best creation

This is just a way to remember and thanks all those who helped the mrgreen mix to be so much fun, many already are no longer playing MTA, but even so it's good to remember every one of them

( If I forget someone, I ask to help me remember )


Remain doing maps to  MIX
best maps of 2017


LoWis - [NTS] LoWis v2
~MaU [RTF] - MaU v5 - Diamond

NITRO - [RTF] NITROX - Never The #Same
qReW - [RTF] Antidepressant
FantomicanYoshi - [DD] Daisy Duke
KneeLz - [NTS] NoobLz
megamen - [DD] DeathIsland


All Times

~MaU - [RTF] MaU v5 - Diamonds
viiNi - [SH] La Cucaracha
qReW - [RTF] Relax

#NITRO - [NTS] Timber

AleksCore - [SH] Big F**king Madness
Cena - [NTS] Cenation III
KneeLz - [NTS]World_v1
KaliBwoy - [RTF] Jump v2
Jededo - [SH] Never The Same
DubStep - [SH]Halos by DubsTep
neox. - [NTS] Never Enough
maina - [NTS]Eiffel - For r0ck
#FuckLeL - [SH] No kebab map
Dan - [SH] Neon Valley
Gregiv - [SH] Base by Gregiv
Rias - [NTS] Dont Let Me Down 2
FantomicanYoshi - [NTS] Chaotic Circuit
Froyax - [SH] Mountais
Flipper - [NTS Long Trip
TheMorocanGuy - [SH] MoroGUY-shooter4
De@d_M@n - [SH] Fokke & Sukke
EdoCadovski - [NTS] Fox
Nick - [SH] Bounce by Nick
warp. - [SH] WRP.
InterFace - [SH] XracKection 2
Fartovyi - [SH] Exterminate
Anton - [NTS] The Journey Andreas 4
Horus - [SH] The Strip
#Turbo - [NTS] Walton by Turbo
Sp3c94 - [NTS] ParkYourCar
MasTTer# - [RTF] Proyect DM
Santiii733 -  [NTS] One Love by Santiii733
M-&-M - [NTS] The Monster 2
Roukas - [SH] Egypt
Borz - [NTS] waazaaaaa
emi. [NTS] Limbo by emi.
Rami - [CTF] Airport
Dani - [NTS] Brazilian Circuit by Dani
Salvadorc17 - [DD] Car Attack
OrdinaryLove - [NTS] No Angels 
Hulpje - [CTF]
Baby Park
Personalizado - [NTS] Where is my pizza?
Gametaff - [NTS] Sprint
BinSlayer - [NTS] Four Laps Airport
GoldBerg - [NTS] Megadeth
Nitronica - [RTF] Challenge
megamen - [DD] DeathIsland
LoWis - [NTS] LoWis v2

Plz, forgiveness if I missed someone o/



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