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NS|Kaioken insulting


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Well guys there is another racist in mix server. i translated, what he said to me.

So please admin take action.

Orospu cocugu = son of bitch 

Anani sikeyim senin = fuck your m....

Amk inege tapan piçi = worshiper to cow bastard 

That's the translate guy please take action.




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till a admin sorts this out i suggest you use the command /ignore  then there name so you won't see any msgs from him nor get any Private msgs ingame off him

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This guy deserves a 7 days mute, He already knows what do i mean and i recently was talking to him too much to stop but suddenly he won't stop insulting and he won't respect the rules, Uses strong insults..

so we finally found the male mariana?

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I know it might be frustrating @kaioken and you just wanna take your frustration out at the guy who blocked/rammed you. If he blocked you always can take screenshot with F12 and report him instant. If he rammed then just ram him back. I know ramming is a bitch move, but we can't do anything about it as it is allowed. Anyway, I am afraid I have to mute you for what you have said. It is unacceptable. 

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