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Admin Application - CS 1.6


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Gameserver: CS 1.6 Fun Server

Age: 15

Country of origin: Holland

Little something about your self and why you think you're fit to be admin: Well, i am Bas, i am 15 and im Dutch. Im about to start with year 4 of VWO. I know that the CS 1.6 server isnt that long up, but i think i can be helpfull, and active. I may have had some trouble/flaming-wars or whatsoever on Mr-Green but overall, i consider myself friendly. I also know that i may have had some trouble with Clavus, but i think, if you give me a chance, i will not mess it up! I've been admins on some other games, so i know how it is to be admin, and how to control (so not abuse!) it. Not with CS 1.6, but with other games. I may not know the admin system, but i am not somekind of dumb-shit, so i would/will figure it out.

So, if you guys choose me, i would like to thank you guys in advance, and otherwise just thanks, for reading^^ I dont like bragging, but i think i would do a good job, being a admin on the CS 1.6 server.

By the way L4G guys, im not a total stranger..im Green on Mr-Green, but i can be active here too, if needed for being a admin :P .

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