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Esta solicitud es para que si es posible me quiten el ban permanente que injustamente me fue puesto, me dijeron que puedo pedirlo aqui y eso estoy haciendo si deciden hacerlo bien sino seguiré pensando que en ese server solo hay malas personas, lo que me hicieron fue muy injusto ya que siempre lo único que yo hacia era defenderme de malos jugadores que continuamente me molestaban y decidieron impedirme entrar al server a mi y a los verdaderos culpables siguen jugando tranquilos.

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you are provoking players all the time. Of course of you have to defend yourself. All these admins i work with are not here as long as me.  I have been watching you for a while i have seen many mutes temporary bans you got because of your behaviour even from the previous admin team . All of the ex managers believed no need to do permaban but you are the living proof of that sometimes its the only solution. I myself made this decision without anyone talked about this because i know other admins wouldnt do this but for now they admited that it was a good solution and if Cena had a problem with it he would have unbanned you alredy.  So all in all... i am not gonna make ass from my mouth... the perm ban stays. End of the story

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