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Zeeeeeek with too many eeeeee...'s

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Hey, finally I've found this forum, where I should've introduced myself way earlier ^^ 

Now here I am. Calling myself Zeeeeeek with exactly 6 e's! If the typing of that much eeee's is too much for you ingame, feel free to type anything else. Z6ek, Zeeeeeeeeee, Zeek, Zjklkyayx, whatever. But please don't think about any "heil"-related coincidences which I anyway don't take serious or get offended by this :lol::P
If you wanna read the whole story, how my nickname was born, please follow [THIS] Thread.

I was born in the great and glorious sovietunionized Kazakhstan on the 24th February 1987 and am already 30 years old. This may justify my tendency of writing A DAMN LOT in my postings, which I ... can't ... control ... some...how,.,,. mw.,,.m...., because I am a stoneold doter  who still and will forever play games!

Some weird people, seemingly being apparently my parents, gave me the name for the rest of my life "Viktor" 

Now I am living now in Germany and the biggest part of my bloodline is german. My ancestors were refugees trying to escape from germany in the WW2. We refugeed back right after the fall of the wall in Berlin... it must be a interesting behavior of the humankind to refuge from somewhere to somewhere elese!

Well, after I got the chance for the first time of my life to use this magic machine, called "INTERNET" the first thing was, what I did, installing mta sa race over my GTA SA and also Trackmania. These were my very first onlinegames, which i closed deep into my heart. For nostalgia purposes.
Since then I played mta A LOT! Been one of three admins on a well populated german mta sa race server, which died some years later because of the release of mta dm. I stopped playing mta since then, because mta seemed to be not very stable and i still just wanted to "RACE" instead of deathmatch on foot. 

It's been now six or seven years after I left mta. And finally I decided to give mta a second chance. To see, how it developed. To see if it is alive?... and now... here I am. Found the race server of my destiny. Maybe for a very long time, which I hope so! 


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