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First I would like to praise his perfect English, and I muted you because soon when I killed you you said "typical junk", and Alex (who belongs to my team) did not complain about anything, because if that were true, he would have told me that you were talking to him And until this exact moment he did not tell me anything, and third, you do not like Brazilians, especially from me



I asked him if it was true and he told me no, he wasn't talking to you at that time.

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The chat is only supposed to run in English and all other languages stay in PM's or Team chats. Insulting in another language can be paired with just regular foreign language spam, so even if a staff member doesn't understand the text they have the full right to mute.

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Yes, you're right, I'm sorry. 

But I see no problem in people talking in other languages on the server, after all, not everyone can do an English course, it is we have to create ties that unite the active players and attract new, and are rules like these that make players get seasick the server with less than two Months

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