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Administrator Application - ikt


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Gameserver: MTA:SA Race

Age: 16

Country of origin: Netherlands

Little something about your self and why you think you're fit to be admin:

Hi! :D I'm ikt, i think most people on this part of the Mr-Green network don't know me because i'm active on the Dutch part of the forums. I became a frequent MTA player because of Mr.Green and it stayed that way until the servers (also SA-MP) stopped, a year after that i quite stopped with MTA/SA-MP. I admit i have been cheating some times, BUT i had rules for myself, making me different from other cheaters: No cheating in races, no killing of other people with my cheats. I cheated in SA-MP, not in MTA, and it was experimenting with the games engine, now i know the speed gets reset when you hit the max possible speed ingame, clouds are not like a skybox, doing unexpected things make the game go crazy and more.

I have no administratoring experience at all if it comes to games, but i'm good at noticing people cheat. I'm also honest, i don't lie, i won't freak out if people insult me, i can stay calm at all times and i listen to people instead of being stubborn. I can be serious when it comes to it, but you can also laught with me. When people aren't naughty you won't even think i'm an admin.

I hope i'll get accepted. :) And ignore my old post/thread, i was in a hurry, we were going to rotterdam, family, here. I'm actually typing this on somebody elses computer. Check my IP if you want.

And don't judge me if you don't know me longer than you've seen the topic with my name. <_<

Title: me admin be want

Hi. I'm ikt. :D

I want to be a MTA:SA admin. I'm 16 and Dutch. I'm very active when it comes to GTA based games and with my expertise as ex-cheater i know if someone cheats or not. Hehehe. :D

Oh, some useful info:

I'm an old Mr.Green member, used to be quite active on the old SA-MP and MTA servers, but i don't like Steam games and being active on 5 (now 4) forums is a bit too much of the good.

I'm bad at writing posts and i'm in a hurry, i'll edit this later. :P

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