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Clan color problems


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Hi, good day


Well , the problem starts with the fact that there isn't a same-color rule for the clans.

In this case we have a few problems with some clans by using the same red color. Sometimes i ask nicely to the leaders to change the color and they kindly change, bcs always the clan members are confused by the other clan's members, who they have the same color on the radar.

But sometimes  i ask gently and the clan members act the rudest way possible and even they begin to threaten, and they deny doing it.


Considering FaP is a older team, we have priority with the color.


I don't remember if @F1MADKILLER or @Cenasaid to me that i can ask @BlueYoshi97 to change the other clan color obligatorily.

If you decide to not create a rule, at least , ¿can you help us changing the color of the other team?.

Thanks for your attention.












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There are many clans, and you can expect basic colours like standard red (#FF0000) to be used a lot. I don't think there should be a rule against using that.

For Team Yoshi, I tried to find a unique shade of grayish blue, so even though a lot of teams are blue, it can still be distinguished on the mini-map (though it's still hard sometimes).

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As Mr Yoshi said, might be even worth copying his idea finding a unqiue color but as close to the one you like so you can see it clearly and others have to look hard

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