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Anthony~Vz moderator inappriopriate behaviour


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MTA:SA Server RACE-MIX. My nick in game:Zullolo (Now Hackerinhoo~~) i got muted for 1 hour (then for 15 minutes) by moderator: Anthony~Vz. In game playing NTS Anthony~Vz rams me by his mistake then complaining it was my fault i tried to tell him he is wrong and he used negative meaning word which moderators shouldnt use (mor*n) then i got muted. He tilted me and lowered my psychical state by inappriopriate behaving on in game chat. Sorry for incorrect English. See screenshots thanks.mta-screen_2018-12-07_20-34-54.thumb.png.830def5c301c74f62a2a257b66c9d4f1.pngmta-screen_2018-12-07_20-31-29.thumb.png.dbeeda7430d54dc65869fa1cb35c54a6.pngmta-screen_2018-12-07_20-31-25.thumb.png.b0084ffc8a2539fe5f5ffb3d48ca8efc.pngmta-screen_2018-12-07_20-34-54.thumb.png.830def5c301c74f62a2a257b66c9d4f1.pngmta-screen_2018-12-07_20-33-53.thumb.png.dcf40baa965bc658aa2631d7ff277349.png



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I did give my opinion anyway. I did not defend Anthony either. I did give him a warning as you saw what I wrote in my first post. You too should take care of your language, I don't wanna mute players for insulting. Just enjoy and have fun. 

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