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Anthony~Vz's Admin Application


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Game server: Mr Green Mix.

Age: 20.

Country of origin: Mexico.

Discord name: Anthony~Vz

Steam: AnthonyVz22

Ingame name: FaP|Anthony~Vz


Hi, good day for everyone.


Im Anthony Vázquez, many of you already know me but i'll introduce myself again.

Im 20 years old and i live in the east coast of Mexico, in the city of Veracruz, nice place btw.

I'm currently out of college and I'm unemployed. I can't work for security reasons, so I have a lot of time for this job until August 2019 because i'll join to another university,

but im going to play and do my job even so.

I have currently a 62% of english learned. Most of the time on the server I speak English but I speak Spanish when necessary. I limit myself to play 1-4 hours weekday, and 2-? hours on weekends , im always available on discord, just need a pm.

I do my job as mod as best I can, following the rules. I rarely despair and usually I'm always calm, I rarely say rudeness and i just use fafu word when im stressed.

In my work as a mod I try to put the best, criteria for each problem and I like my job mod, so I'm trying to take a step forward, be more useful.

My main objective is being Map Assistant, but i feel that first I have to take this step.

I hope to meet your expectations and as always, I wish you a good day.

Merry christmas and happy new year!







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