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Flip system problem


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I dont know when u added this flipping system but its not working properly. It automatically flips vehicle and takes -35gcs. Maybe in nts it works well but in RTF not. I was in air that moment and my car got flipped random and after that flip i got fucked and died. So change that system to dont flip automatically but flip with a key for example "J". Here's the picture.mta-screen_2019-02-21_14-10-29.thumb.png.8f7a740c28a9197fee9d9e36bd575c88.png

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@Cena https://github.com/MrGreenGaming/MTA-Resources/blob/master/resources/[gameplay]/gcshop/items/items_s.lua

It hasn't changed in years and certainly does not run automatically, it happens when you press 1
You can look in your MTA keybinds for gcflipv2 and change the key

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