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Gameserver: MTA: SA or TF2 Payload when needed.

Age: 15

Country of origin: The Netherlands

Sum'-sum' about myself: I'm never serious.

Why do I want to be admin?

At first, I'd like to admit that I've never been an admin before on a gameserver, so if you need someone with experience, I'm the wrong choice.

I played a lot of MTA: SA in the good old days (in the Mr. Green server). Never got a warning or something.

About Team Fortress 2... I play in the PayLoad server from Mr. Green daily, I would like to be an admin there, although I don't think it's needed. Never really saw a cheater in that server, only cursing people. Never did anything against the rules in that server myself.

I can usually work in the evening - from around 6 PM to 11 PM I'm available. I work out of benevolence, so no payments either.

So, yeah.

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