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                                                  Rules & Info


1. ENGLISH ONLY in text channels.

2. No insulting or annoying - Be nice to each other.

3. No spamming or flooding messages.

4. No racism - Neither in jokes or straight forward.

5. Don't scam - This includes in server chat or via pm.

6. Use common sense - No need for clarification.

7. No ban evading - If you got banned , It was probably because you were an idiot, just move on.

8. No excessive trolling  toxicity, trolling, edgelording or drama.

9. Do not share malicious files or links includes in game or via Discord pm.

10. No arguing with the moderators or discussing punishments publicly. If you have a problem take it to DM's or via Discord pm.

11. You must be wear the clan tag or we'll consider you out of team.

12. Always try to be fair and careful about other players and show respect otherwise you cannot be a part of this team.


Clan info : This clan created by @AKEN0 on the 28th June 2019.

- If you have any questions or help, feel free to ask.


Member List


           Name:         Country :       Join Date :

Turkey55.png.71e4449059d189ccf930581db1e01e41.png AKEN0        (Turkey)- (OWNER/LEADER)   / Join Date 28.06.2019

1119704187_Lithuania4.png.57a67566c8cd4f4e71b5a1219f38989f.png CLoudly     (Lithuania)    / Join Date 28.06.2019

Turkey55.png.71e4449059d189ccf930581db1e01e41.png qReW          (Turkey)        / Join Date 30.06.2019

Turkey55.png.71e4449059d189ccf930581db1e01e41.png HemiX         (Turkey)        / Join Date 30.06.2019

Turkey55.png.71e4449059d189ccf930581db1e01e41.png MaXic          (Turkey)        / Join Date 30.06.2019

1029794731_Russia4.png.9f3af624c37835f489a610de9f05acae.png Venom         (Russia)        / Join Date 01.07.2019

289650752_Poland4.png.29ab963f06c1b57f12bfdc0e3faac52e.png Zullolo          (Poland)        / Join Date 01.07.2019   

1618717064_India4.png.ba022171983742cff0807d88025ba11e.png BoNd             (India)           / Join Date 05.07.2019

Turkey55.png.71e4449059d189ccf930581db1e01e41.png Tjess             (Turkey)       /  Join Date 06.07.2019

289650752_Poland4.png.29ab963f06c1b57f12bfdc0e3faac52e.png Gwiazda        (Poland)      /   Join Date 12.07.2019

1563160919_CzechRepublic4.png.46f09cb3cd99c01bc6fdc0624f84a9e0.png Laca          (Czech Republic) / Join Date 14.07.2019

Turkey55.png.71e4449059d189ccf930581db1e01e41.png Venomous     (Turkey)         / Join Date 15.07.2019



1029794731_Russia4.png.9f3af624c37835f489a610de9f05acae.png Camper         (Russia)

1896814307_Romainia4.png.e7e2349603688869633c8030f1517e1e.png Boyka            (Romania)

1248849233_Mazedonia4.png.55f025d6065e6af8501bc97613bdb390.png PekiPeki4  (Macedonia)

1352734961_Tunisia4.png.ebd0ad2579e49f780e6fbfe515637189.png GuiZada       (Tunisia)


Edited by AKEN0
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