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A request.

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If you are not interested in reading a lot, feel free to skip over this italicized part, as it is simply a intro to how I even got to MC.NL.

It was late 2011, if I can recall correctly. I remember being in a Skype call with my friends, looking for a new server through one of those common Minecraft server list websites. There were hundreds of them: but only one stood out. The banner had the text "MINECRAFT.NL" on it. You may think I joined the server like many other people from your community; however, I was an outsider as an American, and in my friend group, the closest person to the Netherlands was my friend in Ireland. When I first joined, I was in confusion. It was my first factions server, and I remember us setting up a base right by spawn, in between a mountain. After the first day of setting up camp, I remember waking up the next day to it all being destroyed. I had learned my first factions lesson, and this carried me all the way up to early 2013 on the server. My friends and I had become one of the more powerful factions on the server, and it was some of the most fun I had on Minecraft.

Now you may be asking, why the hell did I type that story?

That's my background with Mr. Green Gaming. I never played on any other server of theirs but their Minecraft one. So you may be looking at me right now even more of an outsider, as I really have not been too close with this community. However, I am not gonna make this the average case of "Bring back the minecraft server!!!" where it almost instantaneously gets turned down. I am going to show you from a business and community perspective as to why this will be a beneficial move for your community to make.

First off, the game itself. Minecraft may have took a dip in player base from 2017-2018. But now, it is clear that the game has made a comeback. There has been a revival in the player-base; servers such as SMP Live have come out and have gained thousands of viewers and have generated profits, and hell, even PewDiePie is playing the damn game. If you look throughout this Minecraft thread itself, there have been lots of requests similar to mine to bring back the server. People want a server to play on. In business, they call that demand. You have to realize that people want there to be a server, people want to play the game, and to be completely honest, this community can do a lot better than just MTA. I remember when this community had more servers than just MTA; again, I may have not played on them, but they were always an option for me. Alright, enough with the general stuff, let me show you why this server will benefit Mr. Green Gaming.

Why adding a Minecraft server will be beneficial for your community.

If you ever played the old-school MC.NL, you'd know how badly you needed a team. People would recruit, befriend, and even make enemies with other members of this community. This would strengthen the community altogether for obvious reasons. The ownership of the domain "minecraft.nl" helps you; the reason why many of the alternative servers trying to branch off of this community have failed is because they lack the identity the original server had. Minecraft.nl doesn't just represent Mr. Green Gaming, it represents the entire country of the Netherlands. This itself would expand the community; bringing in a lot of people, not just people residing in the Netherlands. It would also offer you a new server to play on; I don't know the last time you played Minecraft, but it's almost as if its a whole new game. They plan on revamping PvP for the next update, and have added new structures, mobs/animals, items, and overall features that were not even remotely available the last time the server was up in 1.4.5. To sum it all up; I'm sure no one in here wouldn't mind there being a Minecraft server, and I'm also sure that adding the server would bring back old players and also bring in new players into this community. This will help your community not only grow, but also maintain, which I will get into with the next subtopic.

Why adding a Minecraft server will be beneficial for your business.

I'm not calling this straight up a business, but it's clear you guys need money to maintain. Fortunately, the Minecraft EULA has changed, going against the same thing you went against: pay-to-win. However, there are still plenty of ways that you can use the Minecraft server to your advantage in order to help you pay your expenses. Ideas I've thought of is potentially having a system where players can donate in order to change the server MOTD on the server list tab (you can set a rotational MOTD), or maybe some type of cosmetic-item/features like a colored sign/text chat/name-tag/etc. It may sound dumb, but believe me; people will buy that stuff, as it's more than just getting the features, it's supporting this community, and giving the member of the community itself another benefit. Also, again; you own the domain name minecraft.nl, and that itself is probably one of the best Minecraft domain names a man can own in the Netherlands! That will attract players across the globe (mainly NL of course) but it will help you fulfill your expenses, and also expand your community like I touched on before.

Overall, before I conclude this, I'd just like to thank you for reading through this. I know this must've been a lot, and I appreciate your open-minded opinion as you read it, whether you end up being against it or for it.

Thank you again,


(side-note: Update the sub-forum description, all the 9 year old's on Minecraft went to Fortnite lol)
(side-note #2: even if you don't have the domain name, you would still have a fairly large player base to start off with thanks to your community, unlike many other servers).

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