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Hey everyone. 

Since we got the leaderboards, tops and F1 modifications in-game and forums, I was thinking about a general rank that can measure the global ranking of each player. This general ranking takes into account not only top times with the actual system, but it also considers kills, flags captured, etc. as a whole, and why not, achievements accomplished too. 

It's an idea that could make players play in both servers in order to get a nice general rank and make competition prestige harder to obtain, since sometimes one server gets more attention than the other. Besides, the effort in maps and achievements created and  implemented in both servers gets wasted due to this lack of attention. 

This rank could be positioned next to "Current monthly toptimes" bar in F1, and in leaderboards it could be placed on top of the page, showing the best five players of MrGreen regardless of the server. 

I hope this suggestion speaks to you all. Cheers. 

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