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Good day friends. We were thinking a lot about ideas for next tournaments. Many players want to see different events and interesting ideas. We’ll realize all of our ideas with time. And now we’re glad to announce you our next tournament: Grand Prix Suzuka.
All registered players play qualification race. Best 18 players gets into main race. Places on start depends from your time on qualification. Race will take place on suzuka circuit, 35 laps length. Also you ‘ll have to refuel your car.

- Referees: GARIK08, THIRTYTWO, lukum, Evolution
-Ghostmode: ON
- Car: Infernus
- Server: later

Date and time: 25th of October (Friday) free practice any player can join server and learn track.
26th of October Saturday (11:00-23:00) – qualification. We made a lot of time to qualify that everyone can play and set best time.
18 players with best times gets into next round (race)
27th of October Sunday (20:00) race. Race starts at 20:00(cest) don’t be late, we can’t wait for one player.

Tournaments rules:

1)Cheats, mods and any programs that give you an advantage are forbidden
2)All the maps will be unknown so that you won’t be able to train them.
3)FPS limit 60, but you can change it by command /fps
4)For non-sporting behavior the player will be disqualified
5)Players should be disqualified for substitution
6)If player(s) hadn't arrived in time he(they) is(are) automatically enjoy the status "DNS".


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