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cena please do your JOB bro..


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1st i got muited because admin kreator didnt like that i ram him and ramming is allowed


2nd even am muted they keep provoking me and pekipeki4 and gromghost777 keep blocking my way ..then they go cry to admin to mute me LOL...this is JOKE of bro..am asking CENA to take his honnest decision because he is the only admin i trust . Screen Shoot talks ... and let the admin kreator say who is wrong now ...



Capture d’écran (19).png

Capture d’écran (20).png

Capture d’écran (21).png

Capture d’écran (22).png

Capture d’écran (24).png

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Wait what? In NONE of the situations above i block your way, what the heck are you posting? You saw my other thread so now you try your best to get out of it? 


1st picture - Don't try to play the victim card kid, you are muted 30 days for a reason, and that reason is YOU DID THAT , every single day. In fact, Everyone on the server knows that. You got me in 1 situation where i laugh at you because u miserbly failed and u try to use it against me? Alright.

2nd picture- I can laugh as much as i want to, sandy brought down your top and i will laugh , he's my friend , do you have anything against that? The ultimate rammer, blocker who provocates and /lol after every single block gets sissy when i say rip top because your top was down?  Only Sandro would trust your words mate :)

3rd picture - I was flying around because i crashed on the beggining and wanted to to stunts with that stuntplane but i dont care, you caught me one more time like i'm trying to block you, with a freaking plane, really? Even if admins rule it as a block i don't care lol.

4th picture - Wth is this? At least you could have hidden the chat on that picture so it isn't clear i was doing reroll and ofcourse i can't turn immediately, it's BOATS, i didn't block you , you just caught a frame where i'm driving fowards, you're funny af.

5th picture- Yea, clear block, LOL. I'm not in the list on your right because i'm in front of the 5th place :)


You're so done this time job :)

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all my SS are clear blocking kido .... even a donkey can see it...

and good job trying the DISCORD option to prevent the ban but ahahhaah leosicker is totaly you or gromghost....

now let us talking about your real problem here...

and see what admins make for you...


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Dude, me being marked as a blocker even if some admins here decide "i'm blocking" is not my problem, are you retarded? In fact, i'l tell them to go mark me right away, like i give a f***. The fact you mute avoid is what matters here, and dont try to avoid that stuff just by posting photos of me "blocking" you. :)  Now might just take a pill and chill the hell down, your pressure is so up you spam like there's no tommorow :)

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I skipped some lines. Maybe Job is annoying and provoking, but that doesn't mean you guys are not provoking him back. I don't see a problem in the first 2 screenshots Job posted. People can laugh at whoever they want. Its part of the game and fun. If you don't like it. You can /ignore 

The other 3 screenshots are in Job's favor. You are not supposed to do that @pekipeki4.

So you will be marked as a blocker for it.

Now let me go check your topic against Job. 🤦‍♂️

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