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Admin application from the Lazy Peon

The Lazy Peon

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Hey guys,

Just wanted to apply for an admin, simply because i love the server!!! ( ZS on mr green. the only server i play!)

I may not have the most play time in the world (less than ten hours) but i still feel that i know what im doing

I wont admin abuse, and will play fair like i always do. I'll also take comments seriously from players and report back to other admins

My steam name is B.W| The Lazy Peon

Thanks guys, i hope to see you all soon!

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Have you read the admin application guideline? You need to tell us a lot more about you, such as your age, location, and why you want to be an admin other than 'you love the server'

You are friendly, but your play-time is very low comparing to others.

I can't really comment on much else unless you develop the application further.

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I do not recommend you, because...

1. ...if you really would like to be an admin you would write a much longer application.

2. ...you're not active in the forum.

3. ... in my opinion we dont need more admins.(we are more than 4 active admins at the moment)

4. ...you havent played enough ,yet. (or you changed your name in the last time,because i dont know you very well)

5. ...dont you want to tell us your age?

6. ...you just joined B.W . Dont you know what you want to do? I mean, if i know that i want to be an admin i wouldnt join a clan if i would have to leave it again.

At THIS time i dont think you're ready to be an admin, sorry.

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Thanks for the info.

I think ill just stay as a player. I agree with the comments that i dont play enough, and yeah there is a few admins allready. they probably dont need my help!

Maybe i'm a bit too young too :S. I'll still remain in B.W|

In the future, once i have a little more play time and know the admins better I'll apply again

Rest asured that it WILL be in more detail next time

Thanks anyway guys, see you online. And don't forget to !Ravebreak



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