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[Poll] CoreMarkers Magnet

CoreMarkers Magnet  

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  1. 1. What do you think about Magnet item

    • I like how it is right now, it slowdowns only 1st player which is good because it gives more chances to other players to finish the map and enjoy the game
    • I like how it is right now, but maybe it would be better to reduce the power of slowdown to 5% (currently 20%)
    • I think it should slow down a player who is driving next to you
    • I don't think about it :) I don't care
    • Delete CoreMarkers!!!111
    • I think it should slowdown everyone around the player who is near

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Clearly this should slow down the first guy as thats what nts is about. also aleks add reverse car marker so kulaks like moroccanjob don't run off into the sunset. Also speed reduction shouldn't be 5%, it should be something like 40%


nts is chaos in my pants, anyone who tells u otherwise belongs in race. so keep kmz and if someone tells u otherwise do as taylor swift says shake it off

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