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This player started to insult me for no reason whatsover. i just played shooter and he started to insult me in Lithuania.  His nick on game is Cyka|X and i think his original nick is Iksiukas. Here are the ss in chat how he insulted and i never even say anything to him. He got muted so many times and he still doing it. He insulted Sandro before so I dont know. He got banned not that long ago aswell for insulting. So please do something about it.



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The first two messages were written in common form, not directly to him, I wrote, "can u hear me gay", and, "what are the person which has down syndrome, doing?" So he caught him self on my hook, it wasnt ment directly to him. I didnt knew that he has these issues which he just admitted with those screeshots tho🤗🤭🤭.

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