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The player named Mr. Norton is a really really huge lagger. It is impossible to play when he is there. When he shoots a rocket in Shooter and it doesnt even touch and has to fly pass me he still kills me . In NTS he went through me even tho I am not a lagger and I fell into the water. Please no offense but with this kind of lag he is Hitman #2. Just please do something about already. It annoys everyone -.-.....


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Having a friend, first of all I want you to locate yourself, Argentina is in South America, a country quite far from the server host, even if we have a million megabytes we would have a latency above 250, but since you don't understand anything, I want to remind you, 251 latency that appears in the photo, is a pretty good latency to play "normal" so to speak, if not ask the other Argentine players you know "Nacho, Alexis, Santii733, SuperCharles and others" that we play Mr. Green , I hope that someday you stop having childish attitudes, because every time anyone who is not me kills you, you deny, it is just a game, but because when an admin kills you in sh or you win in nts you suck his stockings friend .
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