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$ky's Admin application


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Server : Mr.Green MTA # 1| RACE | LEFT4GREEN.COM

Age: 20

Country: Hungary

My name is Adam and i have been playing MTA since it came out. I would like to app because i never liked playing with cheaters and there were many times that i realised cheaters more faster than an admin. Now i could stop them before they win a race. Being an admin is not new for me, i was admin on the MTA Race and i know the commands. I play everyday on this server 4-5 hours. I hope i have chance.


Edit: Well i have so much freetime playing. I work as a security in a supermarket every 2nd night from midnight to 6:00 morning. So there would not be problem with my activite on the server. If i get admin i can promise to the players that every time when i am on the server, cheaters wont win any races and will watch the server from IRC also when i am off

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